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Crystal Bokeh is a small, family run business founded in 2021 by me, Karen. Nice to ‘meet’ you. It’s the culmination of a lifelong love of crystals and minerals, and my ongoing personal journey towards inner peace and enlightenment. 

I've adored crystals from a very young age, ever since my dad bought me a geode and a box of tiny tumblestone chips while on a work trip abroad. I knew instantly that there was something magical about them. I got my first rock tumbler when I was nine – a hobby I still love to this day – and steadily grew my crystal collection and my knowledge.


I opened my first online crystal store back in 2004 whilst studying for my degree. Then my path took me in a different direction, and I moved from England to the Netherlands. Fifteen years, two children, and a corporate career later, I was feeling burnt out. I found myself reaching for my crystals and tarot cards again, connecting with them and, consequently, myself, deeper than ever before. 

A New Beginning

As I progressed along my new spiritual path, learning about my energetic body and how to influence it, going deeper into meditation and, of course, working with crystals daily, the idea for Crystal Bokeh was born. In essence, we are an online crystal and metaphysical store. But we hope that, by sharing our knowledge, experiences, and resources that have helped us, we can help others connect deeper with themselves and live more peaceful, fulfilling lives.

In 2022, I qualified as a Pure Energy Healing practitioner, and offer in-person and remote energy-healing sessions. Life really can take you in surprising directions when you open yourself up to its limitless possibilities!

Crystals are Companions, Not Cure-Alls

Buying a beautiful crystal won't solve all of your problems. Sadly, there are no quick fixes in this world. But if you're willing to put in some work, you might well be amazed by what you can achieve when you introduce crystals into your life and daily practices. I know I have been.

A Crystal Community

Through our blog and social channels (both coming very soon!), we hope to offer practical advice on how we use crystals and other metaphysical items to support our spiritual journey and enhance our daily lives. We don't claim that crystals can 'heal' you. We believe that true healing comes from within; all you need to do is learn how to unlock your own innate superpowers.

Karen x 

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